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Marsden Print - Louise Stewart

Marsden Print

Project:  Design a new website showcasing our new branding, print services and new location. Must include access to the promo gear catalogue. 

Mars Top

Project Time :  8 Weeks       

Website Built:  2019     

Responsibility:  All aspects of the Project

Services provided : Website design, maintenance and google business services.


Design Process Louise Stewart


  • In-Depth Interviews

  • Website Analytics 

  • Competitive Benchmarking

After an in-depth interview with Nancy (business owner) and I learned Marsden Print had recently re-branded and moved premises. They were still using the old branding on the website - Bream Bay Print and wished to have a fresh new site they can manage in-house.   We discussed good points and pain points of the existing website and what the overall function of the new website would be.  During my research stage, I carried out competitive benchmarking and reviewed the company's current website analytics and data.

Some interesting findings :

  • Competitors offer an online upload service 

  • The company didn't have a google business account 

  • All services offered by Marsden Print were not listed 

  • The current site is still displaying old branding and incorrect information

  • Broken links identified 

Marsden Print Louise Stewart
Research MP


I analysed all research collected and created a document with all findings.  I identified users were getting confused over whether Bream Bay Print was the same company as Marsden Print and were unaware the business had moved premises.

Before designing web pages and layout, I needed to think about how the user would travel through the site, what would they be looking for ? Why would they visit the site ?  I created a site map and user flow to ensure all information was only a couple of clicks away.

Louise Stewart Analytics
Marsden Print Site Map.png
Analysis MP


  • Sketching 

  • Wireframes

From my analysis I identified that building the website on a WIX platform would be suitable for the client needs.  

I started looking at layout and navigational options to provide the right information architecture for the new site.  Keeping strong company branding through the web design was very important as Marsden Print had recently re-branded. I also set up a URL re-direct to bring any visitors looking for Bream Bay Print  straight to the new website. I designed a landing page which also popped up to inform the user that Marsden Print was formally Bream Bay Print.

I met with the client at this point to present layout options and page designs before progressing to the build stage.

Marsden Print Sketch.jpeg
Marsden Print Phone Sketch.jpeg
Marsden Print Sketch.jpeg
Louise Stewart Design_edited.png
Design MP


I transferred my sketches / ideas to digital format via the WIX platform.  The design evolved as changes were made to enhance the design and experience for the user.  I began building the site and mobile view, adding UI elements bringing my design to life. I chose a colour pallet based on the company logo keeping a branding identity throughout the website. 

There were further refinements and changes to the design as I began prototyping, adding menus,  button positions etc to make the flow smoother and relate to users mental model and clients expectations.

I had a client meeting early in the design stage to discuss structure and layout, we met again half way through to show what I had designed so far and again at the end the design was fully tested before going live.

*Click image for website


I scheduled a handover session with Marsden Print where I took time to show Nancy how to operate the CRM for the website. This allows Marsden Print to update information and POS banners.

Prototype MP


It was a real pleasure to work with Marsden Print, their website now compliments their new business branding and reflects the new print shop location.  The website design and build was pretty straightforward and encompassed all the key points noted by Nancy at the beginning - clean design, company colours, no contact form only telephone numbers and email address links and simple navigation.  It is also clear for all clients, Marsden Print is the new Bream Bay Printers. 

Reflection MP
Reseach Button_edited.png
Analysis Tile_edited.png
Prototype Tile_edited.png
Reflection Tile_edited.png
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