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Fabers Furnishings  - Louise Stewart

Fabers Furnishings

Client -

Project:  Design a new E-commerce website suitable for a large product database, increase web presence and get more visitors to the website = more sales.

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Time with client :  6 Years     (Website last maintained Aug 2022)

Website completed: 2016  -

Website build project time:  6 weeks       

Responsibility:  All aspects of the Project

Services provided : Website design and maintenance, digital marketing, content management and google business services.


Design Process Louise Stewart


  • In-Depth Interviews

  • Website Analytics 

  • Competitive Benchmarking

In- Depth Interviews

By having in-depth interviews with the company owner and staff members, I gained a deep understanding of the business, how it operates, their goals and objectives. These meetings also allowed me established a connection with the business owner and staff members.

Their main goal was to have an online catalogue of their products that people could view from all over NZ.

Competitive Benchmarking 

I carried out competitive benchmarking to measure where and how the business stood against the competitors and it was pretty poor. A business of this stature was desperately needing a better online presence, it was apparent the main competitors were far more established online. 

Google Analytics 

As the business only had 2 webpages there were not many visitors to the website, in fact most visitors to the site were looking for location and opening times.  Half of the visitors location was over a 2 hour drive away and no one used the contact us page.  The impressions on the Google business page were less than 500 per month and the account wasn't fully set up. 

This was a great start to gain an insight of what this business required, what they wanted to achieve and also enabled me to build a good relationship with the client going forward. 

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Research FAB
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Customers were asking " Can I view this on your website?" 


From the in-depth interviews it was clear the starting point was to design an e-commerce website suitable for a large product database that could be updated and maintained in- house. 

I used the data gathered from competitive benchmarking and meetings to create a site plan. I also carried out a card sorting exercise with staff to categorise products and begin structuring the product menu.

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  • Sketching 

  • Wireframes

I Identified the client would benefit most from using a Shopify E-commerce platform to allow them a large product database, a checkout facility and a CRM that could be utilised by staff. 

I started looking at layout and navigational options to identify the correct architecture for the site design and began wire framing. Strong branding throughout the web design was very important, this company has been prevalent in the community for over 70 years. 

The client and I met again to present layout options and page designs before progressing to the build stage.

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Fabers Furnishings
Design FAB


I transferred my sketches / ideas to digital format via the shopify platform.  The design evolved as changes were made to enhance the design and experience for the user.  I began building the site and adding UI elements bringing my design to life. I chose a colour pallet based on the company logo keeping a branding identity throughout the website. 

There were further refinements and changes to the design as I began prototyping, adding menus, basket pages, button positions etc to make the flow smoother and relate to users mental model and clients expectations. 

I met continuously with the client throughout the project; early on in the design stage to discuss structure and layout,  half way through to present what was designed so far and again at the end, when we tested all aspects of the website before going live.

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I offer a handover session and document to all clients where I will take time to show staff how to operate the CRM. This allows them to add / remove products, update pricing and update the POS banners etc. In this case I continued to work for Fabers to maintain the website and marketing content for ongoing promotions. 

Prototype FAB


After 6 years working with this client, I formed a trustworthy relationship with the company owner and quickly became one of the team. By understanding fully how the business worked, I successfully built a website for Fabers which increased site visitors from 1,000 to over 20,000 per month. Fabers now sell furniture to customers all over New Zealand which would not be possible without the website and upgraded web presence. 

Reflection FAB
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